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Calling all Clinical Research Coordinators/Research Nurses/Students with life science backgrounds interested in becoming a CRA to join us at DivergentCRO. We offer oncology-focused CRA training, as well as our general CRA training through (the DivergentCRO WeBridgethGap Program.)
The ONCCRA Program
Divergent CRO provides a specialized oncology training program for Clinical research associates focused on providing individuals with a comprehensive
An oncology course for clinical research associates focuses on providing individuals with a comprehensive understanding of cancer and its treatment and the role of clinical research in advancing oncology care. This course aims to equip participants with the necessary knowledge and skills to contribute effectively to clinical research in the field of oncology.

The course typically covers various aspects, including an overview of different types of cancer, their epidemiology, etiology, and pathophysiology. It also delves into the principles of cancer treatment, including surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and targeted therapies. Additionally, the course explores the fundamentals of clinical trial design, implementation, and management specific to oncology research.

Participants will learn about the ethical considerations and regulatory requirements associated with conducting clinical trials in oncology. They will also gain insights into data collection, analysis, and interpretation, as well as the reporting and disseminating research findings in the field.

Moreover, an oncology course for clinical research associates may cover emerging trends and advancements in oncology, such as precision medicine, personalized cancer therapies, and technology integration in cancer research. It may also touch upon supportive care, palliative care, and survivorship issues.

By completing an oncology course for clinical research associates, individuals can develop a solid foundation of knowledge and skills necessary to contribute effectively to oncology research studies. They will gain a comprehensive understanding of cancer, its treatment modalities, and the intricacies of conducting clinical trials in this field.

Divergent CRO would love to help you become an Oncology expert in the field of Clinical Research, helping you distinguish and brand yourself in the biotech industry. It’s always a good idea to explore different course options and consult with professionals to find the best-fit course for your needs.

Attending Divergent CRO Oncology courses requires at least two years as a Clinical Research Associate or excelling in Divergent CRO CRA foundational courses.  
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DivergentCRO WeBridgetheGap Program

This serves as an excellent opportunity for students and professionals with scientific backgrounds to join DivergentCRO as a clinical research associate (CRA). Through our  WeBrigde Training Program, candidates will receive the rigorous training to become a successful CRA. 

Our Offer To You

  • Training completion and retention bonus
  • Annual merit increases;
  • The opportunity to work from home;
  • Flexible work hours across days within a week;
  • Airline reward miles and hotel reward points
  • Opportunity for growth within the company
  • Access to other therapeutic trainings


  • Conduct qualification, initiation, monitoring, and closeout visits at research sites in compliance with the approved protocol;
  • Communication with the medical site staff including coordinators, clinical research physicians, and their site staff;
  • Verify adequate investigator qualifications, training and resources, including facilities, laboratories, equipment, and staff;
  • Medical record and research source documentation verification against case report form data, including informing the site staff of any entry errors, ensuring good documentation practices are being adhered to and communicating protocol deviations appropriately per SOPs, GCP, and applicable regulatory requirements;
  • On-site and virtual/remote monitoring activities with a risk-based monitoring approach (including centralized data review) through our integrated Clinical Trial Management System to identify site deviations/deficiencies and corrective/preventive actions to bring a site back into compliance and mitigate risks moving forward;
  • Verification that the investigator is enrolling only eligible subjects;
  • Regulatory document review;
  • Medical device and/or investigational product/drug accountability and inventory;
  • Verification and review of adverse events, serious adverse events, concomitant medications and corresponding illnesses to confirm accurate data reporting in accordance with the protocol;
  • Assess the clinical research site’s patient recruitment and retention success and offering suggestions for improvement; and
  • Completion of monitoring reports and follow-up letters, which includes providing summaries of the significant findings, deviations, deficiencies, and recommended actions to secure compliance.
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